How Secure Are You and Your Vehicles Inside Your Home?


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What can be more amazing than having your doors opened with lights on as soon as you step into your boundary. Yes, this is the beauty of Z-wave door sensor, which is compact and almost invisible. A clever piece of technology which is designed for keeping your interiors safe and secured. Be it your garage door or an entrance to your interiors, these sensors can excellently monitor your doors, tracking their opening and closing closely.

Home Automation SystemZ-wave is a simple home protection idea with a houseful of powerful applications and when it is used in your regular or garage doors, you get a new level of control on your household. It secretly gets installed within your door’s frame and keeps an eye over your surroundings. In other words, you never see it, but can only feel its innumerable benefits.

Installation of the Z-wave door sensor will let you enjoy the safety and intelligence, allowing you to take automated decisions at once. This small Z-wave chip can offer a low power communication at a distance of almost  300 feet/ 91 meters, thus creating an ideal smart home and smart living. Its simplicity, flexibility and energy efficiency are the key reasons behind its success. So enjoy the perfect home security, energy and time savings with  the all new range of Z-wave door sensors, which covers complete security provisions for your garage and home doors.

It’s time to make your living simpler and pleasant with these smart installations, which will result in increased security and comfort.